Denise Zimba asks who are we

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Denise Zimba  | Drama

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Snazzy Vuzu VJ and Generations actress, Denise Zimba has just released her new single Who Are We on sound cloud. We didn’t even know the girl could sing and she doesn’t sound bad at all mind you.

Listening to the song we picked up a few musical similarities to that of Kanye West's Lost in the world single. If you listen carefuly to the song you'll recognise the drum beats are similar to that of Lost in the world song taken from My Twisted Dark Fantasy album. Not only does she sample Kanye's song, she also mentions the title of the song in her lyrics:

"Who are we, if we can't be ourselves lost in the world of self doubt." - She sings.

Also, the song interestingly switches into a high school drumline beat which sends us remeniscing about Nick Canons' 2002 film Drumline.  The acting was horrible but the drumline teams who took part in that movie were amazing.

This song is quite catchy, we can definitly hear it rotating a couple of times on the airwaves. Nice one Denise. We're glad to see all of the Fly Chix doing something with their lives instead of relying on watered down reality shows.  Takkies and Joy are doing amazing things in terms of choreography, Denise is running the entertainment game slowly but surely and the fourth girl...wait...what is the fouth member doing with her life?

Listen to Denise's single and tell us what you think.






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