Denise Zimba doesn't care for your opinion

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Denise Zimba  | Drama

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Denise Zimba has issued a firey response towards all those who "hated" on her Channel O African Music Video Awards outfit. If you haven't already seen it, it's in the title picture above and quite frankly we're glad she wasn't on the red carpet (She decided against it because she didn't want people to think she'd copied Pam Andrews). It would have made some very uncomfortable viewing for all those who were watching with their families (Especially after seeing the aforementioned Pam Andrews' outfit!) 

Obviously Twitter folk were always going to have their say, but Denise, who spoke to Sowetan Live about the social media backlash, seemed to not be phased in the slightest. 

"For me, everyone has their opinion. I feel like we fought so hard for freedom of speech I want people to have whatever they want to say put out there if it makes them feel better"

Wowzers, it was already spicey but then it got even better when she added, 

“If people like it, then cool if they don’t it really doesn’t matter because I’m still going to continue doing what I want to do"

"I am obsessed with my body because I work hard for it so if I feel like I want to be butt naked  that’s what I’m gonna do,”

Although I'm sure there are several onlookers who really wouldn't mind the sight, it's good to see Denise defending her right to express herself and her dress sense!


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