Denise Zimba talks her new single and Vuzu

ZAlebs sat down with the incredibly bubbly Denise Zimba for a chat about her music and fans.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Denise Zimba  | Drama

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Denise Zimba recently appeared on Living the Dream with Somizi and announced her second single. The song, titled Lunatic, has been garnering a fair amount of airplay on radio stations.

ZAlebs caught up with the bubbly entertainment personality to find out more about her new single and the future of her TV presenting career.

In March, Vuzu Amp confirmed that Denise Zimba would no longer be presenting on the television platform. The news didn’t settle well with Denise’ avid followers.

"I'm definitely sad that I left, especially for my fans, I really am because I realised that I created a market or filled a gap in the market that never really existed in South Africa when it comes to presenting, besides the likes of Vinolia back in the days of Jam Alley. So I am a bit down in terms of just letting my fans down but at the end of the day you have to go through the changes, you can't be stuck doing the same thing for 24 hours.

"What's the point of making everyone happy when you're not happy? Hopefully, through my music I'll keep fans interested and happy, but who knows will I go back to presenting or not? I don't know.

"But if the money is good why not...if I'm paid quarter of a mill to push by crazy, why not?"

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Sticking to the music aspect of her career, ZAlebs asked Denise why she opted to name the single Lunatic, which we actually think best describes her persona.

"I think that with everything I’ve done in the industry and also now pertaining to myself as an artist, the title and the lyrics of the song states clearly the type of person that I am. I’m someone who goes for their dreams and someone who takes risks and I’m definitely someone who is not afraid to be themselves, I’m not afraid to be stupid and if lunatic best describes who I am, then so be it."

Denise also mentioned that she wrote the song whilst she was road-tripping with a friend in the States.

“I wrote this song with one of my best friends, Nicholas. We were driving down from San Francisco to L.A and he was just encouraging me to do the song. He came up with the hook and the large portion of the song was written whilst I was in the States.

"The song was just inspired by us having a different outlook on life, we were driving in a convertible Mustang, enjoying life and by the time we got to L.A, the song was done."

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