Are Dimpie Dimpopo's dance moves that bad?

Why is Mzansi hating on him, though?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Dimpie Dimpopo  | Drama

Dimpie Dimpopo has emerged as one of last year's breakout stars, but people are not entirely sold on his dancing skills… 

Not everybody can dance (take it from us, people who can’t dance). But for some unwritten reason, famous people are expected to be expert dancers. So, when a popular star appears to be a less-than-spectacular dancer, the criticism of their skills tends to be blown over the top. 

Look, for instance, how social media has treated Dimpie. While we love him for his brilliant videos, he’s been vilified for his not-so-brilliant dance moves. Take a look below:

Youtube embed

Or here:
The comments were less than flattering, it has to be said:
Be honest guys, are his dance moves THAT bad? 

Whether we like him or not, Dimpie is securing the bag! He became an internet sensation in 2018 after one of his videos went viral. In the clip, Dimpie was announcing the line-up for a gig, and people quickly fell in love with his personality. He's since collaborated with several brands on different campaigns.

Here's one of his videos:
Instagram embed

Main image credit: Instagram/@dimpie_dimpopo