Dineo Moeketsi warns supporters of yet another imposter

She just can't get a break

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Dineo Moeketsi Langa  | Drama

Dineo Moeketsi

Three months ago, Dineo had warned her supporters of a number of fraudsters who were trying to make money from innocent people by using her name.

Unfortunately, it seems as though her name is back in the limelight again for the wrong reasons which are out of her control.

Just recently, the actress alerted aspiring actors about not paying for auditions to scammers who were using her name as bait.

Thankfully, Dineo caught wind of these scammers and quickly informed her supporters to not use their hard-earned money to pay these imposters.

"Ok, so it seems someone is using my name and scamming folks out of their money claiming to be a casting agent. I am not a casting agent or director for any show! Please Don't pay anyone to audition, no one pays to audition, that's not how this works," she stressed in a recent post alerting her fans to be aware of such scammers.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@DineoMoeketsi