Dineo Ranaka opens up about dark nights

The star is being honest 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka made her big radio comeback when she joined Metro FM, before then, the starlet said that she would not go back to radio because of the misery it gives her. 

Speaking to Kuli Roberts in a recent interview on Trending SA, the media personality opened up about her decision to give radio another chance, reflecting on her past radio experiences.

"The only reason why I changed my mind is cause it had to be Metro FM, it had to be a radio station that will allow me to be black in the way that I know how to be black, Highveld Stereo tried to change me, I didn't feel like I fit in at 5FM, I was miserable," she said.

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Dineo went on to add that she is grateful for the opportunity given and that seeing her role models in different industries breaks her heart, "I still sleep painfully at night when I think of the dreams that I'm chasing and the time and the day of being caught in studio for three hours, it stresses me that all these people that inspire my vision for self, are not on radio, they're populating their time doing other things, and here I am doing radio...but can I be honest with you, God showed me that, you don't make the rules..." 

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