Dineo Ranaka sparks debate on women who drink beer

The princess of radio doesn't care what you think about her drink

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Dineo Ranaka sparks debate on women who drink beer

In the year of our Lord, 2018, it is astonishing that people still have a problem with women who drink beer and continue to subscribe to the marketing maxim that it is a drink that only men can enjoy.

We can place most of the blame on the fact that women are never front and centre in beer ads and that is only on the rare occasion that they are even in the ads at all.

Despite this, women make up a significant percentage of the worldโ€™s beer drinkers, especially in Africa and yet, there are people who are still surprised that a woman would opt for a beer when it is time to unwind.

That is exactly what happened when Dineo Ranaka tweeted her cold beverage of choice at the end of a long day.

Dineo Ranaka sparks debate on women who drink beer

Her post was met with a few asinine and borderline childish responses but what we love about Twitter is that it is a self-correcting environment.

For every silly response, there is an equal but opposite reaction. Click on an image below to view the response gallery:ย 

Ranaka then decided the carry the conversation over onto the Metro FM radio show that she co-hosts with Lerato Kganyago called The Bridge.

She even prompted famous faces such as Mantsoe Pout and Lerato Sengadi to join the conversation

They were joined by fans of the show who are unashamed drinkers of beer and saw fit to send Dineo a few pictures/tweets of personal experiences:

Very few things are capable of stopping anyone, whether male or female, from enjoying their favourite drink and I can guarantee you that a dissenting opinion never stopped anyone from doing what they love.

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