Dineo Ranaka.. The DJ?

She wants us to know she's serious?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

Dineo Ranaka has tried many things in her career. Some of them are a huge success, like her family's hit reality show The Ranaka's, and others aren't so great - like that clothing line that seemingly disappeared.

Her latest career move, though, is the most surprising to fans. Dineo recently announced that she had been getting ready to peruse a career as a DJ. Fans were optimistic until Dineo posted a practice video of herself on instagram...
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The video quickly trended on social media as people made fun of Dineo's clearly elementary skill set. Dineo is relatively new to the world of DJ-ing so it's understandable why she's still lacking but the funny part was how certain she was that she had it down. Eventually the joke subsided but this past weekend she relit the flame.

Fans and haters alike did not hold anything back this past weekend when a video of Dineo's set at a  club in Polokwane made it's rounds on the timeline. The tweet was from a local DJ scene celebrity, Brazo, who called out Dineo for cutting corners. In the video, you can hear a section of her set. If it sounds familiar, it may because the true DJ fans out there say it's a mixtape many use when they first start to learn how to mix.

While Dineo avoided the timeline over the weekend, she opted to use her Metro FM interview this morning to clear the air. 

"In my heart of hearts, I saw that tweet as a compliment. I was beating myself up over this set thinking that I messed up," said Dineo. As usual, Dineo doesn't seem to be phased. "I understand how unbelievable it is for a lot of people. How Dineo can come through saying she was practicing for like two weeks, I will not apologize for being a fast learner." she added.

Many fans were not having it. They have come out to call her out on her entitled attitude to the space and craft that many in South Africa practice for years even before playing at their cousin's wedding, nevermind book the paying gigs Dineo already has.

Dineo now says she is considering pursuing legal action over what she believes are tweets that tarnish her reputation and have apparently almost cost her a major deal. Well we hope she can save her bag but maybe it wasn't the tweets that were the problem?

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