Dineo Ranaka's Husband And The Real Reason For Their Divorce

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By  | May 18, 2022, 01:30 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

Dineo Ranaka, Dineo Ranaka
Although very outspoken about her opinions both on and off air, Dineo Ranaka works hard to keep her personal life private. She controls what the public knows about her through what she shares on social media.

However, in 2021, the outspoken media personality laid her love life bare and shocked Mzansi when it came to light that she had gotten married. Months later, Dineo Ranaka left us in more shock as she revealed that she had gotten divorced.

Let’s take a few steps back in memory and discuss who Dineo Ranaka’s husband was, her marriage, and details about her divorce.

When did Dineo Ranaka get married?

Dineo Ranaka and her ex-husband, source: The Citizen

It is unclear when exactly Dineo Ranaka got married, however, there are strong shreds of evidence that she might have tied her nuptials either in early 2021 or late 2020.

In January 2021, Dineo dropped hints that she had secretly gotten married when she changed her surname from Ranaka to Ranaka-Pesha. This new change was first implemented in her credits on the television show Mzali Wam where she is the executive producer. Her attentive fans noticed this new change and took to Twitter to congratulate her.

A few weeks later, Dineo took to Instagram to post a romantic picture of herself sharing a kiss with her husband with the caption: “I missed you.” She later deleted the picture, but as you know, the internet never forgets.

Who is Dineo Ranaka’s husband?

Dineo Ranaka with her ex-husband, source: Instagram

Dineo Ranaka’s husband, now ex-husband, is a man called Klaas Pesha. Not much is known about him but according to his social media accounts, he is a mining engineer and is the Managing Director of KPH Mining Proprietary  Ltd, and he is also a philanthropist. 

It is not clear where and when Dineo Ranaka and Klaas met and for how long they dated before they walked down the aisle but the details might not be very necessary now that they are no longer together.

Dineo Ranaka’s divorce

As the year 2021 winded up, so did Dineo Ranaka’s marriage to Klaas Pesha. Although Dineo Ranaka’s husband did not share his side of the story as to why the marriage didn’t work, Dineo Ranaka revealed that she had walked away from the marriage because her husband had been abusive and unfaithful.

It is speculated that the reason her marriage with Klaas ended was allegedly because she caught him cheating on her whilst she was pregnant. Maphephandaba at the time, posted that Dineo went through his phone whilst he was asleep and posted those messages on his WhatsApp statuses.

Speaking to the Podcast and Chill crew recently, Dineo also revealed that if her husband hadn’t hit her she wouldn’t have left the marriage. 

It also appears that Dineo Ranaka has moved on already. In December 2021, a video where Dineo was bashing a man identified as Sechaba Thole went viral. In the video Dineo accused Sechaba of using her to boost his ego while admitting to have used him to move on.
"The problem is that you think you know me and you think you know too much," said Dineo. "I used you to heal. You use people to boost your f***n ego. Grow up!" continued Dineo.

Was Dineo Ranaka’s husband her baby daddy?

Yes, Dineo Ranaka and her ex-husband Klaas Pesha share one child together- the youngest of her three children. 

Her other two children were born from her previous relationships. Her oldest child’s father is rapper Blacklez.

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