#Yimlo: Anicky and her lies

When you confuse the audience with your lies.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama


So Thursday night was the first time we took the time to watch Mzansi Magic's Yimlo - presented by Dineo Ranaka.

Yimlo introduced us to a young lady by the name of Anicky who wanted to reveal to her older sister that she is a stripper & webcam model.

If you're wondering what a webcam model is, it basically is an adult video performer who goes online with a live webcam broadcast. The model performs erotic acts online in exchange for money. They sometimes may also sell videos of their performances.

Anicky's older sister had been quite supportive of her little sister as she not only took her in but also paid for her school fees when she came to study in Joburg.

However, Anicky had other plans in mind which included her dropping out of school and becoming a stripper/webcam model.

Now it is not her stripper revelation that shocked us but it was also her unnecessary lies that had a lot of people perplexed. Why did she lie in front of the entire nation, did she need to lie?


So what exactly did she lie about? 

Well, during her conversation with Dineo Anicky mentioned that her mother had gone to prison and that she had a child, she began sobbing & even requested for the camera's to stop rolling as she was getting emotional about her mother's situation and the child.

Fast forward to her meeting with her older sister and that is where the truth came out.

Anicky made it seem like they came from a rough background but her older sister explained that they actually came from a loving family and were given everything they needed.

Dineo then asked the older sister about their absent mother, to which the older sister replied by explaining that their mother was always present in their lives and never went to prison. She also added that Anicky did not have a child.

When the rest of us realized that Anicky had lied, Twitter rolled in with the punches. 

Now look Anicky, people have resorted to labeling you as a psycho.

The things we do just to get on TV.


Main Image Credit: Twitter