Distruction Boyz: 'We didn't admit to 'stealing' anything'

Just when you've heard it all, the plot thickens. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Distruction Boyz  | Drama


Just when we thought it was over, the scandal surrounding the original ownership of Omunye has just taken another turn. 

So here's what happened: Sunday World ran a story that stated that Distruction Boyz - who bought the beat for 'Omunye' from DJ Mphyd - have admitted that the work isn't an original composition of theirs and they have violated DJ Lag's intellectual property rights. 


It's not like it was glaringly obvious, I mean. Listen to this, this does not in anyway sound like 'Omunye' as we know it now:

According to said article the end resolve was to credit DJ Lag as a songwriter of the song and make him a licensor of the sound recording copyright of Omunye. 


Awesome right? BUT, wait a minute. Distruction Boyz were not having it! They released a statement  on Instagram rebutting all the information written in that Sunday World article. Stating that DJ Lag's name is 'being used by the Sunday World for parasitic self-promotion by people who need work at all costs'  and they are ready to take this case to court if need be. 

Well, damn. Okay. 


Hhay' now we're definitely tuned in. 


Main image credit: instagram.com/distructionboyz