"I Don't Support Rape"

DJ Cleo speaks out

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | DJ Cleo  | Drama

On Monday morning, DJ Cleo woke up to a wave of insults directed at him when he tweeted a picture of him and imprisoned Kwaito artist - Brickz with a caption written:

"We all run our own races, he fell along the way....but the race is not over."

The tweet was then misinterpreted as Cleo's way of condoning Brickz actions of rape to which he is imprisoned for.

DJ Cleo who has since come out to explain what he meant about the tweet and why he was at the prison, as many thought that he had gone to prison to visit and show support to Brickz.

"My initial tweet was not about sympathising with a rapist, but supporting a brother and father who was convicted & now serving his sentence. I sympathise with all victims out there. But...I will not be bullied or told how and when to love a brother. I stand by my words," he tweeted.

Facebook/DJ Cleo

DJ Cleo was then interviewed on Metro FM's The Drive with Mo Flava and Masechaba to further explain why he was at the prison where Brickz is currently serving time.

"This past Wednesday we had soccer clinics, prisons have soccer teams and Krugersdorp Prison has about 8 teams so my football friends, we went through there last year August actually, to play a match with the inmates. So this time it was coaching clinics, so we were in groups taking on different players like strikers, goalkeepers and so on. And then during the match, they allow inmates to come and watch so we had about 2000, 3000 inmates just sitting around and watching."

Cleo added that the Prison invited City Press to come cover the story provided that they reported the story in a positive light.

Cleo explained that he was able to obtain his pictures with him and Brickz from the prison officials as they did not allow cellphones on the prison premises. He only then tweeted the pictures once the story was published by City Press on Sunday night.


During the interview Cleo also wanted to make it clear that he does not support rape and that he did not attend any of Brickz rape trials.

Here's what he had to say:

"Let me just go on record and say that I don't support rape, I am highly against it, I'm a father to two beautiful daughters. Brickz was on trial for four years, I never attended court for a whole four years because the minute I attend, everyone was going to assume that he's here to support Brickz. But right now, that photo is of me speaking to a brother who is paying the price, he's doing the time."

Main Image Credit: Facebook/DJCleo

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