Any Edgars Accountholders? DJ Fresh has your back!

Edcon has been illegally charging it's account holders a club members fee and DJ Fresh wants you to spread the news

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

DJ Fresh

The Big Dawg tweeted that we should RT his tweet about the retailer, which the National Credit Regulator has found has for years been illegally charging all it's account holders a club card fee, raking in about R400-million a year! 

400-mil is a lot!

Not only have they been found guilty of wrongdoing, they've also been ordered to refund you - if you are an account holder anyway. If they do, you could be looking at a bit of cash, considering the practice has been going on for about a decade. Don't hold your breathe though. It's been reported that the retailer - already suffering from many money woes - is going to appeal the judgment.

We'll keep you updated in case you have anything to claim. For now? Just do as Fresh says.