DJ Fresh Gets His Ruling

Here's what the BCCSA has to say

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

It's been a wild few months for the radio veteran. DJ Fresh has been through a whirlwind drama involving his now former employer, Metro FM. Being that he is one of the country's most loved voices on the air waves, it also lead to an even bigger media storm. 

In May, DJ Fresh had a slip of the tongue on air during his #FreshBreakfast show. What did he say? "Msunery". A listener by the name of Daniel Mokwa found this to be an inappropriate phrase for public radio. David wrote in his complaint that he was not pleased with hearing a variation of the curse word, "msunu" on a national broadcaster. 

The media storm got so big that it became apparent that DJ Fresh and Metro FM never seemed to be on the same page. In the paperwork submitted to the BCCSA by the SABC and Metro FM, they said that Fresh's slip up was unfortunate but they also acknowledge that it wasn't with the intent to be used as an insult. 

Although Metro FM has already given DJ Fresh the boot, that doesn't mean that the BCCSA is done. The commission conducts their own investigation into matters submitted to them. 

The BCCSA recently released the results of their investigation to the public. In it, they ruled against the Complaint filed by Daniel Mokwa but still reprimanded both DJ Fresh and Metro FM. According to BCCSA commissioner, Nokubonga Fakude, DJ Fresh “sounded surprised" by what was being discussed and "reacted to this emotion”. 

In terms of the word in question "Msunery", the BCCSA agrees with fans in that it's not a real swear word. "For an ordinary listener with regular sensibilities it may not be concluded that the host meant ‘umsunu’ … The word is often considered to be slang and vulgar language. Considered in context, this statement was distasteful and amounted to vulgar language," the ruling continued. 

Seems like Fresh could've kept his job after all if the issue was really with the BCCSA? But we guess it doesn't matter since Fresh it already off the radio. Still, fans have a lot to be excited about as he recently shared with fans that he has a new show coming on August 1st!

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