DJ Fresh Intent To Avoid Another Rape Allegation

The way he mized that hun

By  | Mar 08, 2022, 09:24 AM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

Image of DJ Fresh
DJ Fresh has been dealing with some rape allegations for a while now. But if the video that went viral recently is anything to go by, he is intent never to be caught up in a similar mess again. 

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A video recently emerged on social media of DJ Fresh spinning the decks at a gig. As he is performing, a lady approaches and stands behind him on one side, watching what he is doing. 

She then crosses over to stand right beside him on the other side, and taps him, presumably to talk to him. She stands there for a while, but DJ Fresh pays her no mind. 

It continues for some time, with Fresh vibing to his music and focusing on the deck and the crowd, until the lady gives up and seems to rethink her decision. She is then called over by some other guy, and it looks like the other guy asks her to stop bothering Fresh, so she walks away. 

That video has to be the biggest cringe and β€œouch” moment we have seen in a while. I mean, wow. Imagine being the hun and approaching your favourite celebrity like that, only to get mized into next year. Yikes. 

But the unknown lady has to be the only one who was hurt by the video. Everybody on social media was rather excited by it, and they have been clapping for DJ Fresh for ignoring her like that. 

Some of his fans believe that it is a slippery slope from giving her attention in public, knowing full well that there are cameras around recording their interaction, to being accused of sexual assault. They are excited that he has chosen to keep focused on his work, and will not be distracted by ladies. 
The DJ, along with his fellow DJ and former co-presenter DJ Euphonik, are still in the thick of a rape case against them. The two of them were accused of drugging a young woman and her friends and then having their way with them. 
The case was dropped last year, supposedly resulting from insufficient evidence for the prosecution to proceed. However, it was recently announced that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) decided to reopen the case. 

The accuser’s legal representative spoke to City Press, saying that they were yet to understand why the case was suddenly reopened after being closed last year. Does it mean new evidence came to light? But the NPA is yet to give any further information on the case progress. 
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