DJ Maphorisa treats fan unfairly

All in all the man just doesn't want people to waste his time. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

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DJ Maphorisa

Twitter has become the place that many talented artists go to in the hopes of being discovered. In some instances it works out. In some, not so much. 

One person who's been known for giving the talented youth a chance has been DJ Maphorisa who's made music with budding musician Mlindo The Vocalist off the power of the singers video's and RT's. A young man decided to try his luck on the DJ asking how many RT's it'd take to get a Lawd Porry production. 

Of course, the kid went ahead and got the 30K RT's only to be told that...

...which he still reached, without hesitation only to be told that.

Twitter had a problem with this. In fact, they thought he's wasting the poor kid's time when he could've just asked for the video upfront instead of the RT's. In fact, they even pulled out tweets showing DJ Maphorisa actually saying he liked the young guy's music from ages ago. So now, what's the truth? 

People just thought it was mean-spirited and he should've been open from the jump while others believe that him having the back and forth with the kid exposed the young hopeful to a number of other people who could put him in the right places. Here's the video of the young one spitting, what do you think? 

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