Watch as DJ Sbu interviews Mzekezeke

Or was it Mzekezeke interviewing DJ Sbu.*Sigh*

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | DJ Sbu  | Drama

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DJ Sbu

Remember how years ago, many were convinced that renowned broadcaster, DJ Sbu and kwaito artist, Mzekezeke were actually the same person? 

Well the streets of social media went totally beserk when esteemed media personality, DJ Sbu posted a video of himself interviewing well-recognised kwaito artist, Mzekezeke

However, the video caused some confusion because people have always believed DJ Sbu to be Mzekezeke. Fractions of these entertainers' supporters were left perplexed and wondering if DJ Sbu and Mzekezeke are two completely different human beings, or if they've been fooled with clever use of technology in the video.

There were mixed reactions to the video. Tweeps just can't wrap their heads around this whole debacle.

We are just as confused as everyone regarding the above video of DJ Sbu seemingly interviewing Mzekezeke. Do you still think Sbu and Mzekezeke are the same person, or has this interview changed your mind? 

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@djsbulive

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