DJ Shimza might end One Man Show after 10 years

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | DJ Shimza  | Drama

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There’s only a week left until DJ Shimza hosts his annual One Man Show, which will be his seventh show since its inception in 2008.

Shimza, who uses some of the proceeds from the concert to feed 1000 kids, spoke to ZAlebs about the current status of the event and whether he is receiving any help from people in the industry.

“The process has been going great even though no one in the industry has offered their help. I feel like it really is a one man show. I don’t want to catch feelings because it has nothing to do with them, they’ve got the right to turn a blind eye and yeah, it is what it is.”

ZAlebs also asked the 25-year-old DJ if he plans on making his One Man Show a family legacy that will continue long after he’s gone.

“For me, the tenth annual One Man Show is going to be the last one. Moving forward to the next years I’ll have to come up with something different and fresh. So yeah, I’m just looking at having ten instalments of the One Man Show, but again I don’t know it might even change, I might decide not to end it after ten years, but we’ll see.”

Not only is Shimza a DJ and philanthropist but he’s also a father to a beautiful girl. Shimza mentioned that he hopes his work will help teach his daughter the importance of giving back.

“I’m hoping she’ll learn that you need to help wherever you can, and wherever she can lend a helping hand she should do that with pride, and enjoy doing those kinds of things for other people. At the end of the day, the hand that gives will receive, that’s what I hope she learns.”

DJ Shimza reiterated that the most important thing for him right now is to ensure that the 1000 children he’s hoping to feed on Christmas Day will arrive safely and enjoy the day he has planned for them.

Image Credit: Instagram @Shimza_DJ
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