DJ Tira flooded with e-wallet requests

January is rough and malume might just help those in need.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | DJ Tira  | Drama

We're all aware that January is quite a tough month, especially when it comes to our pockets.

Most of our money was either spent on all those December festivities or, if you're one of those responsible parents, you probably used up all your yearly savings to ensure that your bundle of joy had everything he/she needed to start off the new school year on a high note.

So basically, right at this moment, we're all flat out broke and any cent that is coming into our bank accounts at this dire period of the month is a blessing.

People who hardly feel the financial pinch that comes with the first month of the year are entertainers; they usually spend all their December working hard to entertain people across the country.

So right now, their bank accounts are looking really healthy, especially when we're talking about the likes of DJ Tira, who was probably booked for almost every day of the festive season.

The hitmaker and multi award-winning artist recently posted a tweet about being in the mood to receive that "send banking details" sms, which he probably receives every other day. Meaning, he's in the mood to be getting more money.

However, his followers totally overlooked that and immediately began sending him e-wallet requests and their banking details. 

But it seems as though there was only one person who truly understood what Tira meant.

Malume is not giving away money, kids. He actually wants money as well.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@djtira