DJ Tira opens up about the way he feels about Babes Wodumo

DJ Tira is one of the most well known brands in this part of the world 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | DJ Tira  | Drama

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DJ Tira

DJ Tira has publicly defended Babes Wodumo's publicity stunts in order to promote her latest single Ghanda Ghanda, saying she did what she had to in order to be noticed.


Speaking to TshisaLIVE, DJ Tira congratulated the musician on her marketing gimmicks, "It worked wonders for her. The game at the moment is all about getting people to notice you. What was most important was for people to know that she was releasing a song and have people listen to it. If people are talking about you, you're doing something right," he said

He then went on to say that she should not mind the backlash if it works for her, "It doesn't matter. It is working for her and if it continues working for her than it doesn't matter what people say. People will always talk but she is doing very well at the moment and doesn't care.

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