DJ Zinhle doesn't want Kairo to think her father is a bad person

DJ Zinhle isn't about the baby mama drama.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

DJ Zinhle Kairo

DJ Zinhle is all about making sure her daughter knows that her father, AKA, is a good person and a great dad.

The mother of one, who is one the cover of True Love magazine's December issue, told the mag she wants teach Kairo self-love "because you can't expect love when you don't have it within yourself". 

She explained that her greatest objective is for her daughter to never think that her father, rapper AKA, is a bad person.  

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"In order for that to happen, I must show her that Kiernan is a great person. I need to tell Kairo all the positive things that happened between us because looking back, only five percent of our time together was a mess. Other than that, we were happy and those are the times I hold on to and wish to tell Kairo of one day." 

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The businesswoman also revealed that she will tell Kairo the truth about what happened. "And needs her to understand that he [AKA] chose happiness. In the end, he met someone that he loves, and that is okay. Yes, he didn't do right by me by how he handled the matter but he isn't a bad person."  

Image Credit: Instagram/DJ Zinhle