Social media at war over DJ Zinhle's zero tolerance for negativity comment

Its a battlefield on social media after team DJ Zinhle defend her whilst the other half continue to shade her.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

Celebs who got hotter after the break up - DJ Zinhle

Sigh, just when we thought the shade against DJ Zinhle was left in 2016, 2017 proves us wrong and brings the DJ Zinhle vs social media spat back into our lives

DJ Zinhle recently made the public aware that she now has zero tolerance when it comes to the negative comments that are constantly directed her way every time she shares the romantic gestures her boyfriend, Brendon, does for her.

The response from the public has been rather interesting as social media finds itself divided towards Zinhle's stance.

Others have been in full support of Zinhle's clap back to the negative comments, whilst others feel the DJ has brought the attention to herself.

Social media, especially Twitter, is a war-zone at the moment as everyone who has an opinion about the topic is ensuring that their opinion is heard.

The ones who are for DJ Zinhle

Don't you find it funny that when a debate about women and relationships is discussed a six pack of Hunters Dry somehow makes it into the conversation?

Dj zinhle

Sigh, this tweet is speaking the gospel right now...

DJ Zinhle tweet

Yoh! and she could possibly get a Rolex on Valentines Day hey. Have you seen the watches her man wears? Don't get us started on his tailored suits.




Can we do that this year please?

Dj zinhle

Those who are against DJ Zinhle


Dj zinhle

The other comments were just too rude to publish.

Strength to Zinhle.