Zinhle on her break-up with AKA

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

While some people are still wondering what happened between DJ Zinhle and AKA, the mother-of-one is not sharing any details. Zinhle, who released a statement via her website announcing the break-up last week, is not interested in discussing what caused the split. 

Zinhle was on Gareth Cliff's show on CliffCentral on Tuesday morning, and when asked to share her side of the story, she said: "I don't have a side of the story. I mean I'm sure you saw my statement, and in my statement I said I am not discussing this thing any further." 

She explained to Gareth that she only went public about her relationship with AKA because they were going to have a baby. "And if I'm a Zulu girl that's not married and pregnant, and I'm saying I can't even tell you who the father is, then it looks a bit dodgy. That forced us to go public. Otherwise, before that we were not trying to be public about our relationship... I'm trying to maintain the same thing even with the break-up. I'm not trying to say 'oh no, he didn't buy groceries today so I dumped him' no, I'm not trying to."

About a week ago, AKA paid damages for their daughter, Kairo, who is now two months old. 

Zinhle commended AKA for observing customs. "Kiernan did his part and he's not Zulu. He did a great job with observing their customs for his child." She said she's very proud of him and described him as her best friend. 

Zinhle told Gareth that her family loves AKA. "He's family, we're all family. Kairo has made us all family."

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