#DMF: Siyanda And Thandeka The Perfect Match

They were a match made in heaven

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

It's been a while since we've seen a perfect match on Date My Family and we guess it's safe to say that Siyanda and Thandeka made our Sunday evening extra entertaining, thanks to their dinner date.

Siyanda who is a bachelor and general manager at a coffee shop was in search of a lady that he could vibe with on a romantic level.

Although Siyanda admitted that when it comes to the ladies department he is quite shy and reserved he decided to take a leap of faith and be on the show to overcome his fear of the ladies and to also put a halt on his single life.

At first sight, Thandeka might not have been sure about Siyanda just because of the way he looked but at the end of his dinner date with her family, it was evident that she had a bit of interest in him.

The two had quite a few things in common which included:

Both of them having kids, their positive outlook on life no matter how meek their life situations may be and they both have an interest in tattoos.

What also made us believe that these two would actually enjoy each other's company was when Thandeka's mom referred to Siyanda as her son-in-law way before Siya even met Thandeka.

So when Siyanda arrived to pick up Thandeka for a date, not only was the mother excited but the neighbors were as excited too.

We also found it quite funny how some people thought that Siyanda looks like Pitch Black Afro.

Do you see it?

And then some people are of the believe that Thandeka looks like last week's bachelor - Jeffrey.

While another viewer compared Sarah's uncle to Oskido.

We don't quite agree with some of the comparisons but one thing we can all agree on is that these two were a perfect match.

We hope the two went on a second date after this one.

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Main Image Credit: Twitter/@DateMyFamily