Does Moja Love Paint Black People In A Negative Light?

Scoop Makhathini also weighs in

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

The argument about the nature of programming on channel 157 has been an on-going one.

Moja Love is a 24-hour digital satellite television channel which airs a range of shows such as telenovelas, dramas, sitcoms, reality and talk shows.

Although the channel is said to be "a platform for the connection, expression and celebration of the women in Mzansi and promises to showcase content that speaks to universal love in the African Context" - this according to - it has received a lot of backlash in the time that it has been active.

The channel has shows such as 'Pay PapGeld', which is hosted by Dr Malinga. The show assists mothers who are not receiving maintainance from their baby daddies, and seeks to reach an amicable but fair decision  for the sake of the child.

Another show is 'Rea Tsotella", co-hosted by Moshe Ndiki and Bishop Makamu. This show is about revealing big secrets, bringing families/friends together to reconcile over a matter... and so forth. Despite its mandate, it has been dubbed the the 'Jerry Springer Show' of Mzansi because of the spiciness and the loud studio audience members who always have something shady to say.

Another addictive indulgence to viewers is the popular cheating Show Uyajola 9/9.

Hosted by Jub Jub and Moss Makwati, this show trends before it starts, so much so that viewers asked the channel to air 2 episodes every Sunday night instead of the initial one 30 minute episode, and the channel complied.

However, many have criticised the channel, saying that the shows do more destroying than building. One of them being Syabonga Ngwekazi a.k.a Scoop Makhathini.

In a recent discussion with Miss Cosmo, Dj Vigilante and Speedsta on their YouTube show, POPcast, Scoop slams the channel, saying that it does not reflect positivity on the black community.

"This all started with LoveBack and My Perfect Wedding  where people were seen coming out of helicopters with dust everywhere in Hammanskraal. We don't need those kinds of things...And then now we have a channel called, Moja Love, where everything has been taken a step lower. Instead of making content that builds the nation, it is dilapidating it," Scoop said.

He further blamed the SABC for having failed to educate the Black African.

"Everything is f**ked up in our society and the one place where we have an impact, television...I find it very whack that we only show one side of African Black lives."

Scoop isn't the only one who feels strongly about the type of programming on Moja Love. A number of social media users have expressed similar sentiments:

What is your opinion on the channel? Let us know.

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