Dr Malinga on ill-behaved students: If I was a teacher you were going to see sh**

Dr Malinga does not mince his words when it comes to bad kids.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Dr Malinga  | Drama

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Bad behaviour at school has always been frowned upon when it comes to parents and any other adult for that matter. So when a video of a school girl throwing her exercise book at a teacher went viral last week, it caused quite an uproar not only on social media but on other media platforms as well.

It is reported that the incident between the teacher and child is under investigation by the Gauteng Department of Education and that the student will be taken through a disciplinary hearing.

When the video went viral a lot of parents & teachers shared their opinion about the state of student behaviour in South African schools.

One celebrity who also voiced his opinion on the matter is Dr. Malinga. The artist made it clear that if he was a teacher and had such ill-mannered kids in his class, he wouldn't hold back on giving them a whipping.

"Dear students, what you're doing lately is so disappointing, beating up teachers. And then knowing that when they fight back you'll open up cases and saying that they abuse you, guess what? You're going nowhere slowly. But guess what? If it was me, if I was a teacher,  you were going to see sh*** ."

Dr. Malinga then proceeds to show us what he would do to such ill-behaved students.

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Yoh, imagine being kicked by that long leg by Dr. Malinga. 

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