Ambitiouz Gets Petty in Emtee Beef

Who knew one emoji could be so shady?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Emtee's feud with Ambitiouz Entertainment doesn't look like it's about to die down any time soon. The rapper has been vocal about his desire to to leave his label over claims of mistreatment. Ambitiouz has since hit back by throwing shade in the direction of the young rapper to damage his reputation.

Emtee's beef with Ambitiouz seemingly began in January, when he hinted that his label was the reason why his new record hadn't been marketed to its full potential. Fast forward a few months and the discussion resurfaced when the rapper began tweeting with the hashtag #FreeEmtee and this time it looked as if the rapper was finally on its way out.

However, as we've since discovered, his departure from the label won't be as simple as we initially thought (more on this in a moment) and in a bid to motivate the DIY 2 star, fellow rapper, Reason, shared his public support for the rapper in his current plight.

"It warms my heart to find myself constantly in conversations with fellow musicians who want to get involved in helping @emteethehustla_ in one way or another. Saving Emtees career, is actually saving his Children and Family’s future. More so, we would be saving a REAL TALENT." tweeted Reason.

The rapper's words were received positively by the Twitter community with many people agreeing that Emtee deserved the support he was getting. Except whoever runs the Ambitiouz Entertainment Twitter account.

After stumbling upon Reason's sympathetic Tweet, Ambitiouz hit back with a single emoji reply which was quickly deleted but not before people could capture screenshots. Instagram account, SA Clout, managed to get a look before they took it down:

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As you can see, they simply shared the "cap" emoji and if you're wondering what that means; in American (indeed global) hip hop slang, the age-old phrase "no cap" translates to "no lies". So if someone suggests that your talk is "cap" or that you're "capping"... well you get the gist.

In short, it seems as if the label wants to reveal that there's more to the story than Emtee's camp is giving off. In fact, this may be the very reason why his departure from the label won't be that simple (remember we said we'd come back to this?).

According to a report in last week's City Press, Emtee cannot leave the label until he pays back the value of goods/funds that he owes them. Here's an excerpt of that report from Twitter:

It doesn't seem as if this saga between the two parties isn't about to end any time soon. More than anything else, we just want to see a peaceful resolution that results in the one thing that brought us all here: more great music from one of Mzansi's most gifted rappers.

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