Emtee on his two cups lifestyle: "The drank is messing up my teeth"

Emtee's teeth are decaying because of his 'drank' but he's not giving it up.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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With Emtee having quit alcohol, the white double cup 'drank' is one habit that the rapper is not willing to give up anytime soon, with all the money he's making, he says that nothing can come between him and his drink, not even decaying teeth.

Following Lerato Kgayango's warning to the rapper about the effects that his 'drank' could have on him, the rapper recently admitted in an interview with SlikourOnLife that the 'soda' is finally taking it's toll as his teeth have been decaying and he might be forced to get them replaced.

"The drank is messing up my teeth. They are decaying and stuff like that. I am suffering but it ain't a (big) thing."

WATCH: Lerato Kganyago warns Emtee about drinking too much 'soda'

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The father of two says that he is not worried as he plans on buying brand new teeth, and is willing to spend a fortune on them too.

"I am just going to the dentist and getting brand new teeth. Be like Cardi B, fix my teeth and make sure they know it ain't cheap."


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