Emtee sets the record straight on drug use

He was a dealer - but never a user!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

DIY 2 rapper, Emtee, is keen for a trouble-free 2019, but before we can even get there, he has a few things to address: firstly, he’s not a drug addict and according to him, he has never been. 

The rapper took to Twitter to explain that while he might have dealt drugs in the past, he has never used them and he does not engage in such. 

Emtee’s usage of recreational substances has been in the spotlight for most of his career, especially in 2018, following a buzzed-out performance that had people concerned for his safety. At the time, many were concerned that drugs were going to ruin his career and although he denied being high or drunk, he then vowed to live a life of sobriety following that incident. 

This week, however, Emtee has taken a moment to address all rumours about him using drugs either now or at any point in his career. According to the rapper, he has never engaged in recreational drug use - but he has been a dealer in a past life. 

Emtee said on Twitter: 

Main image credit: Instagram/@emteethehustla