Enhle Mbali Maphumulo advises fan on how to deal with a cheating husband

Stop blaming the woman. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Drama

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Enhle Mbali cheating advice

Enhle Mbali is building a strong relationship with her fans. The actress took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with fans on Instagram Live on Tuesday evening. 

Enhle Mbali cheating advice

This was a great way for the actress and businesswoman to connect with her female supporters. During the chat, Mbali gave some powerful advice to one of her fans on how she should handle her cheating partner. 

In the video, which has since been deleted from the social media platform, the Rockville star said: "... stop blaming the woman because your man is married. If there's anyone you should be beating up, it's your man." 

Mbali continued: "Your man sat in front of thousands of people, hundreds of people and promised 'till death do you part', right? And he promised he wouldn't break an oath, do you know what I mean? If anyone needs to be beat up in this situation - the girls are wrong 'cause you see a ring and you still continue on - but your husband needs to be handled, boo. I'm glad awusashayi abantu."  

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The fan said she'd keep on praying. "Yeah, yeah, prayer is good, prayer is amazing... But pray and do something about it," Mbali said, and continued: "If he's a serial cheater find out why he's serially cheating and if you can stay in the relationship or not." That's great advice, right? 

This is not the first time that the media personality has spoken about the subject of cheating. During an interview with Kaya FM's Bridget Masinga last year, the businesswoman explained that men only cheat because they don't have confidence. "They rely on someone else to keep building that ego. A lot of the time that's the only reason they do it. And we often find many excuses, but it's a confidence issue," she told Bridget on The B-Side

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