Exclusive: China Mpololo Must Pay Us!

These publicists are dragging the promoter

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China Mpololo, who many know to be the former manager of singer Nathi Mankayi, is in hot water after being accused of refusing to pay a number of women for media and publicity related services.

A quick search on Google for his  China Mpololo doesn't yield anything positive. Everything from fights with his former client, award-winning singer, Nathi, to accusations that the singer owes him money.  China was also at the heart of a scandal where Nathi had to clear his name and reveal that he had not robbed anyone.

Simply put, the music professional always appears to be one of those people who is almost always in trouble - and once again he appears to be the perpetrator.

This time, however, innocent people's livelihood is at stake.

ZAlebs first caught wind of the promoter's latest saga when entertainment and media publicist, Nono Matuwane reached out to us with some damning accusations of the man she trusted would pay her for publicity services. She began by reaching out on Whatsapp and sharing a portion of her story when she said, "China has messed with our livelihood. We did work since May, he refuses to pay"

Upon investigating the story further, we realized just why she and two other women had taken it upon themselves to bring this matter to court.

According to a Statement which ZAlebs has been able to read confidentially, Nono and China began working in May 2019. She says when they first met, after a phone call discussion, China was full of excitement for the journey ahead and assured her that he would pay handsomely. He had recruited her to provided her publicity services for the upcoming SA Afro Music Awards, an event which he was in charge of promoting, as well as an album that would be launching for one of his artists.

"China told me that he does not believe in seeing other people go hungry, and he know I have bills to pay and he wouldn’t let me be without a source of providing for myself. I totally trusted and believed in his vision," reads Nono's statement.

After two weeks of work, where Nono created promotional material and began securing publicity spots for China's event and artist, the promoter beamed with excitement and praised her for her great work. ZAlebs read a message where he complimented Nono by saying, 

“Good evening madam. Please allow me to express my happiness with your work ethic and dedication. If you keep it this way, chances are we are going to have a great and very long working relationship. Keep up the good work you are doing” 

The first sign of trouble came at the end of June when the topic of payment was seemingly evaded. When she tried to approach him in July, he skirted over the issue. The mother of three recounts, 

"We were supposed to discuss the payment details after this meeting, it never happened but he promised that he’d call me after his meetings and maybe schedule something for Wednesday. I became very uncomfortable and frustrated because I was looking at the date and that schools are opening soon"

When she confronted him three days later, she received the first signs of hostility from the promoter. 

"I needed money. I was shocked when he made it sound like him trying to find the money was some kind of assistance from him. I had to ask for a lift from my sister who was only travelling on Saturday. My eldest son kept asking if the money was in, and that made me push. I asked China what was going on, and he told me that he doesn’t understand me and that everyone, including me started work officially this month and would be budgeted for accordingly this month. This made me question what he implied by this statement… he has not responded. "

Nono has been open enough to share screenshots of Whatsapp conversations that took place between herself and China as evidence of how much effort she has put into recovering the money she is owed. 

China Mpololo and Nono's conversations
China Mpololo and Nono's Conversations
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-12 at 10.37.34.jpeg 95.39 KB

This week Nono, along with two other women decided that with no other options available to them, they wil pursue legal matters and China was served with a letter of demand. Despite this, the promoter claims he will still be fighting the claim and insists that he has done nothing wrong.

Attempts to reach China Mpololo for comment were unsuccessful at the time of publishing. However, if he is proven guilty of defaulting on payment then the promoter will need to pay back the money!

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