Fifi Coopers shares more on MoCooper Records & if her & Emtee are still cool

Fifi Cooper is moving along swiftly.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Fifi Cooper  | Drama

Fifi Coopers shares more on MoCooper Records & if her & Emtee are still cool

Trust us, we're just as exhausted about this Ambitiouz Entertainment situation as all of you are, but a lot has been unfolding and the people need to be updated.

With a new single titled Power Of Gold and her own record label under her belt, Fifi Cooper seems to be doing more than ok since parting ways with Ambitouz Entertainment.

Over the weekend Fifi had confirmed that she was establishing her own record label titled MoCooper Records

 which has birthed her new single Power Of Gold. 

In an interview on Touch Central, Fifi mentioned that the single was inspired by how drastically money can change people.

"There's a lot of things that money can do to people with money and especially in Joburg. Like the past experiences that I've had people have this thing of, you know, as soon as people think that you are starting to make money, people at home like to judge you and think you're full of yourself because you have money. 

So there's a lot of things that made me write about money because when you listen to the song it talks about prostitutes, I'm talking about reality, I'm talking about things that people are scared to talk about because it's not easy but money is evil and as much as we all want money, money can change you."

Fifi Cooper

Fifi then explained more about her new label and what she plans on doing with it in the near future.

"MoCooper records is my label, and I've been saying that I want to have my record label, I feel like it's a dream of every artist and this year I want to spread my wings and fly so that's why I decided to open my own record label because I've learned a lot of things in the past two years and I've been working for 10 years now so I feel like I'm ready to be my own boss."

Fifi did mention that she's not ready to sign anyone yet as she's still trying to push the Fifi Cooper brand.

Fifi Cooper san

Since releasing herself from Ambitiouz Entertainment there has been a lot of rumours of Ambitiouz having bought awards for their artists to win, Tbo Touch asked Fifi if she ever thanked God for an award that was paid for and she replied that she has never.

On her friendship with former label mate Emtee, Fifi mentioned that she'll definitely miss the chemistry and music they made together.

"I am going to miss him, there's no doubt. When we worked on a song together, we had so much fun, obviously, I will miss those moments. But I cannot control the situation and as much as I've been saying that the reason why I left has nothing to do with everybody"

Fifi was also honest to mention that she's not even sure if she does see Emtee if he'll even greet her.

"Even when I see him I don't even know if he'll say hello or bye, we talked about the situation for almost a year so he knows exactly what's going on with my life and why I had to leave 'cause I have told him before."

Fifi Coopers shares more on MoCooper Records & if her & Emtee are still cool