Fikile Mbalula regrets fighting with Ntsiki Mazwai

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Fikile Mbalula  | Drama

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Fikile Mbalula is known for not holding anything back on social media. 

The Minister of Sport and Recreation, who always speaks his mind, has had a go at a people like Gareth Cliff on Twitter in the past.

Another person who's been on his wrong side is Ntsiki Mazwai.

The poet and musician is also known for saying what's on her mind, especially when in comes to celebrities.

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She and the Minister have had fights on social media, and while they might have been entertaining to some people, Mr Razzamatazz regrets getting involved. 

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Mbalula, who was one of the guests at BET's Genius Talks on Satuday, admitted that he regrets ever responding to Ntiski.

He said he should have never entertained the fights with Miss Mazwai, adding that fighting with a woman doesn't send a positive message. 


Genius talk with my sister Nikiwe Bikitsha #nazooooo #betexperience2015

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He also admitted that he doesn't regret his Twar with Gareth Cliff

Mbalula spoke about how his family handles the negative publicity. He referred to his cheating scandal, which saw Joyce Molamu claiming to be carrying his child. This happened a few years ago. 

"I think sometimes it does affect them [my family] when it is about... you know there's that girl who said I impregnated her. It does affect them so I apologised, I shouldn't have been in that space..." 

He added: "...The negativity that comes because I've done something wrong and I've let them down... I think mazihlale zi right iigirls (the girls must always be okay)... "


Me and my daughter #nedbankgolfchallenge #nazooooooooo nisabani 'ebasaburbsini

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When asked how his children, who are still young, react when they see stories about their father in the news, Mbalula replied: "Kids don't read newspapers, they come across issues at school when they either get teased for either positivity or negativity and then they come with questions."

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