Five celebs who've blocked ZAlebs

And we think we know why…

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

Celebs who've blocked ZAlebs

As evidenced by the name of the brand, we’re in the business of celebrity with a particular focus on local celebs. As such, it is our job to follow their every move on behalf of the fans and report on all of it.

Unfortunately, this has led to us catching a few blocks in the process. Check out the ZAlebs who’ve blocked us (that we know of) and the possible reasons why they did

1. Thembisa Mdoda

Thembisa Mdoda

The end of her marriage to Atandwa Kani and the subsequent revelation of the paternity of her children back in 2016 was all anyone could talk about and naturally, they came to ZAlebs for answers.

We reported what we could based on the verified information that was out there but we guess Thembisa grew tired of seeing you all tag her in the posts on social media.

2. Bonang Matheba

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As soon as Queen B broke up with Supa Mega, she broke up with ZAlebs because we caught a block right after they split for the last time in December.

It’s all good though, there are no hard feelings and we will continue to support Queen B’s moves.

3. Masasa Mbangeni

masasa mbangeni

This block hurt a bit because we have nothing but love for the former Scandal! Actress but we guess she also just got tired of you guys tagging her in that one article following her appearance on WTF Tumi.

4. Hlomla Dandala

Hlomla Dandala

The Literate Lion blocked us with the quickness after reported on the response to his question about whether or not a single mother can teach her son how to be a man.

5. Moneoa


The latest to send us to Twitter exile is songstress Moneoa who was recently embroiled in a drunk driving scandal in the Range Rover that her unidentified bae recently bought her. She cleared the air on what happened and you can read the statement here.

So you see guys and dolls, we are just like you. We catch these blocks too.

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