Five 'kasi' groups that disappeared from the SA music industry

What ever happened to the township kasi who gave us some great music? 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama


For music lovers, the music industry is one of the best places to get those soundtracks for all moments of your life. But for artists, it's not really the best. This is proven by how quickly the music industry has made our favourite kasi groups disappear. 


1. H20

At the peak of their success Menzi and Sphiwe had people singing 'It's Wonderful'. The ex- Outrageous Records signees' claim to fame was representing for everything kasi and going against the norm when it came to rap. So, what happened? Alcohol and late coming to shows lead to them being 'blackballed' in the industry which meant they couldn't get gigs, which ultimately lead to their demise. 

Hidden Force

2. Hidden Force

The boys from Thokoza also were about their thing during their time. Remember 'Tsokotsa' and 'Senzeni'. Then life happened and Premo got in a car accident. As the remaining members started falling away, some members regrouped and formed Deep Level. Of course, the game had changed so much by then that it was difficult to come back. 

Zulu Mobb

3. Zulu Mobb 

'Comfort me' was the hood anthem for a lot of guys who weren't getting love from the streets. To be honest, at some point I used to confuse these guys with Gumshev. But anyway, after 'Comfort me' there was, ahem, Shag-a Zulu' which was their foray into the commercial music sphere and the most uncomfortable music video I've ever seen. Still miss them though. 


4. Izinyoka

Billy '51 Cent' Majaivane, Sash-man and Manando (wait, could this be the same Manando that Emtee was talking about?). Anyway, the former TS signees, who started off as dancers , dropped their debut album with the help of the masked one Mzekezeke. What happened to them? Well, everyone kinda sorta started leaving TS so they followed suit really. After that 51 Cent passed away but Sash-man continued doing music. 


5. Gumshev

I remember these guys particularly because they had a video where they were doing the snap dance. In prison clothes. It was dope though. The Ghetto Ruff signees, who were given the shot mainly because their appeal was them just being out of prison (their album was called that also) held it down for a while. Also, for me, Bruno and the other half of Zulu Mobb looked so alike I confused both groups. Where are they now? Bruno was in Rhythm City for a bit. As for Fistos, we're not too sure. 

Which other groups, for you, just disappeared into thin air? Share them with us in the comments section.

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