Gagasi FM Is Not Happy With Metro

Metro just poached Gagasi's DJs

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

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Metro FM isn't the most popular radio station right now. DJ Fresh's fans haven't quite forgiven the station for their conduct; Relebogile Mabotja's critics really don't enjoy hearing her on the airwaves and now it seems as if Gagasi FM might be beefing with the SABC-owned station.

In fact, everything we've mentioned above came about as a result of DJ Fresh's suspension on Metro. The DJ was hooked from the airwaves for swearing (which angered his fans) and Relebogile held it down in his place (further angering his fans and her critics). DJ Fresh has since been fired and moved to a new home, and after weighing up their options, Metro has decided to replace him with Mo Flava - who was their Drive Time host. Now, this is where Gagasi comes into the picture.

With Mo Flava moving from the afternoons to the morning, someone needed to take over the Metro FM Drive and the SABC decided that the best candidates for the gig were two of the country's hottest DJs: Naves and Sphectacula, AKA the Kings of the Weekend. The only problem was, they were employed by Gagasi FM.

So Metro FM worked some of their (black) magic and found a way to poach the duo from the KZN-based station and let's just say that Gagasi FM heads are not impressed at all. They expressed their annoyance in a very spicey statement that was directed at the SABC this morning and let's just say you might need a bowl of popcorn as you read through it.

Part of their statement read, "Gagasi FM has noted that this is the second occasion in less than 6 months that an SABC Station has targeted Gagasi FM’s primetime talent in the middle of their contracts and in a hastily manner."

They also added, "Gagasi FM has engaged with Sphectacula and Naves about the premature termination of their contracts, the contractual obligations thereof and their departure from the station."


As they mentioned in the statement, this is the second that the SABC has poached one of their talents in the last year. Back in March, Gagasi's flagship DJ, Mzokoloko left the station for their regional rivals, Ukhozi FM.

Do you think that the SABC is playing fair by targeting Ukhozi's talent?

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