Mzansi shows support to Gigi Lamayne after alleged suicide attempt

The rapper has been receiving love after her alleged suicide attempt. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Gigi LaMayne  | Drama

Celebs and fans show support to Gigi Lamayne after alleged suicide attempt

Gigi Lamayne has been showered with lots of love and support after her alleged suicide attempt. A few days ago the rapper got fans worried after tweeting her birthdate and Saturday, 3 November next to it. This sent shockwaves as people immediately thought there was more to the rapper's tweet. 

Gigi Lamayne tweet

Her next tweet was even more concerning. 

Gigi Lamayne the end tweet

The rapper then shared a tweet from her hospital bed to let people know that she was ok. The snap was captioned: "Awake. Wasn't time huh..." 

Gigi Lamayne hospital

Since the incident happened, fans and industry peers have sent messages of encouragement to the rapper. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Gigi_Lamayne