Heavy K Is Being Forced Out Of 'His' Home!

It's not looking good for the DJ

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Heavy K  | Drama

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Heavy K is facing some serious heat this year. Not only was it alleged that he was facing arrest in Botswana, but now a homeowner has come out and accused him of defaulting on payments. The issue has escalated to such a level that she is threatening to kick him off the property.

Y'all remember the time Heavy K bought his dad a house in Port Elizabeth right? It was a moment to behold and we were proud to be reporting on it back in 2018. Here's a screenshot of that happy day:
Unfortunately, it's easy to post about something on social media, but it's hard to keep up appearances in real life. According to Daily Sun, Heavy K has been defaulting on his payments after making a rent-to-buy arrangement with the original owner of the property.

A woman by the name of Thandi, who is believed to be the owner of the house, came forward and accused Heavy K of not honouring his word.  She says they signed a contract which would see him pay R100,000 up front; another R400,000 within a year, and the remaining balance owed at the end of 2019. Unfortunately, not all of that money has been received.  She said to Daily Sun:

“He has failed to pay the municipal bill [which he allegedly offered to cover] as well as the second payment of R400 000,”

The angry homeowner allegedly said to the paper that she wants Heavy K out of the house “So I can rent the house to people who are willing to pay,”

Now his lack of payment is affecting her life. She claims that the municipality has cancelled services to this house, as well as the other home she currently owns and resides in because the accounts are linked.

Heavy K, on the other hand, is singing a different tune. He hit back through his lawyers by declaring that  Thandi's “attempt at cancellation was not proper in law.”

In a bid to raise public support, Thandi took her fight to Twitter where she exposed the DJ for failing to pay up. She went all the way and posted an O Jewa Ke Eng reply when she said,

"Month ends are my worst days, out of all my debit orders, trust me I have a lot, but the one that kills me most is when the bank deducts the bond for my house, the house that @HeavykDrumboss posted with his father infront of it & said he bought it for him"

She continued:

Heavy K hit back once again by claiming that these tweets constituted as defamation.

Which side of this story do you believe?

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