Here's Why Hong Kong Was Trending In SA

This is not the Hong Kong we've grown to love!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

Hong Kong was trending in South Africa on Monday and although the whole world is talking about the protests which have gripped the South-Asian country, South Africans were talking about the republic for slightly different reasons after a video of a South African emigrant caught up in the protests went viral.

The woman, who we believe is named Jessica, was on her knees, face covered in tears, begging for one of the biggest protests in Hong Kong's history to come to an end because this was not the country she had come to love. In fact, the woman in question claimed that she had left South Africa for this very reason!

For those who aren't following the story, Hong Kong citizens are protesting a bill which could signify the end of a long-standing agreement to have Hong Kong operate independently from China. It gets more technical than that, but essentially the people of Hong Kong are protesting to protect their democracy and have been doing so since June 2019.

However, things have escalated in recent days and protestors have taken to the streets and even brought the national airport to a halt. Residents of Hong Kong, some who were born there and some who have moved there in recent months and years, all have an opinion on the protests but it was one woman who grabbed all the headlines in South Africa: Jessica.

It didn't take long for this woman's pleas to make it all the way back to her home country and let's just say, not many South Africans are endorsing her complaints.

The likes of Tumisho Masha, Robert Marawa and Maps Maponyane have all taken turns to poke fun at the woman in question and her apparently selfish intentions:

In fact these were some of the kinder responses! Other harsh-tongued tweeps slammed the woman for bringing shame upon South Africa while urging internationals to not consider her as representative of all South Africans.

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