Hulisani Slams Troll Over Freckle Shade

This Tweep pushed Sisi too far!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Hulisani Ravele  | Drama

Hulisani Ravele is one of the sweetest, kindest and friendliest celebrities on the South African entertainment landscape. However, if you push the TV and radio star too far, you'll see a different side to her personality that you might not like. Just like this Twitter troll who thought he was being funny when he shared an offensive meme this week.

It was just another day on the timeline when someone decided to launch an attack on Hulisani's gorgeous freckles. While we're here for a bit of banter on social media, this tweep appeared to take it too far when he compared Hulisani's facial features to a slice of toast and a bruised banana.

Hulisani's battles with childhood bullying and self-image issues have been well documented in the past and it didn't take long for people to call the tweep out for his insensitive post. Check it out below:

The 31-year-old did not mince her words when she called out his "vile" commentary on social media. The presenter wrote back,

"You are a vile human being. Your sheer ignorance and disregard of the emotional and self-esteem ramifications that a post like this has on someone is sad. Worse, you a are father, to a daughter. May she never be ridiculed and have to experience what you did here".

Hulisani's complaint was greeted with a world of support from the social media community who went as far as reporting the "meme maker" for his offensive line of humour.

On more positive note, Hulisani has recently been using her platform to encourage other girls around the country to embrace their freckles and other unique beauty feature. She recently teamed up with Zoliswa Mbadu on a Ponds campaign titled #ShowUs that encourages women across Mzansi to embrace beauty in all shapes and shades:

Do you have freckles or any other unique features? Share your story with @ZAlebs on social media or via the comments below.

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