Hulisani's family were not accepting of her break-up from Psyfo

Media personality's family couldn't come to terms with her break-up.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Hulisani Ravele  | Drama

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Hulisani Ravele

While many fans mourned Hulisani Ravele's decade-long relationship with Psyfo's coming to an end, the radio personality says that the involvement of her family made the break-up process all the more difficult.

Hulisani is one of the media personalities who is immersed in their culture and always puts her family first, however she reached a brick wall when her family 's involvement in her life and relationship led her to isolate herself while dealing with the break-up.

“I’m very close to both sides of my family. I’m one of 39 first-generation grandchildren – and that’s just on my mom’s side! Even so, I didn’t speak to some family members for several months because they couldn’t accept our decision to end our relationship. I heard: ‘Just give him a chance’ more times than I could bear.” she said, speaking to Destiny Magazine

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