#IdolsSA: Sanele knew he was going home

Sanele says that it was no surprise that he got eliminated form the competiton.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

#IdolsSA: Sanele knew I was going home

Sanele Mkhize was the first contestants from the Top 10 group to be eliminated from the show.

Viewers of Idols SA were in a state of shock when they realised that the bottom two contestants who were up for elimination were their all time favorite, Thami and Sanele.

It was all fun and games until it seemed like Thami would possibly leave the competition.

Luckily for Thami's fans, it was Sanele who bid us farewell. ZAlebs caught up with the contestant who said that he was actually not surprised that he got eliminated. 

"Unfortunately I knew I was going home, it was kinda obvious, it was either me or Thami and Thami has been an all-time favorite since last year and his following has grown ever since and people vote for him."

Sanele went on to share that the most difficult thing about the competition was the uncertainty and the waiting period they faced on a weekly basis.

"The waiting period was so challenging yoh! It is just dramatic, because you think the social media response you get from the public equates to their votes but it's not like that at all. It also doesn't take away from the anxiety because at the same time you don't know the results of the votes even though you think people have voted for you."

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One of the reasons why Sanele was eliminated from the competition was because of his last performance two weeks ago, when he performed Boys II Men's "Make Love To You" which for some, was viewed as a very underwhelming performance.

Sanele Mkhize

Sanele explained that that exhaustion was the cause of his poor performance of the song.

"I'm a person who doesn't want to make excuses, so the song that I chose, it was the best for me in that  moment. It's a song that I connected and was familiar with because I grew up listening to Boys II Men. 

During the rehearsals, everything was fine but when it came closer to the performance night I felt vocally exhausted. On the night I was just really vocally exhausted but at the same time it was fine because I felt like I performed the song to the best of my abilities."

Sanele also shared that him and Siyakha, who left the competition abruptly, are still on good terms

"We all come from a Christian background so we have that bond because we used to encourage and pray for each other. It was unfortunate what happened to her but that doesn't take away from our relationship, she's a beautiful, humble, and talented person whom I'm still in good terms with." Said Sanele.

Sanele also believes that the Top 3 contestants for this year's competition will be Noma, Keegan and Terra

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