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Talented vernacular hip-hop star, iFani took his frustrations to twitter for allegedly not being paid his cut for the work he did and the person he blames is Arnold Mhamvu, owner of Dreamer Music Group.

According to the rapper, the two had a business agreement with Mhamvu representing the ‘Ewe' singer for the Mnet and South African Music Awards (SAMA) gigs - which paid a great amount of cash.

Upon receiving the payment in May this year, Mhamvu was supposed to pay iFani but this has not happened. "This guy worked with me as my publisher. Together, we sealed two deals - Mnet and SAMAs. He received the money for both deals and was supposed to have paid me long ago but instead of doing so he disappeared with without saying a word." says fuming Ifani.

It is understood that since receiving the payment, Mhamvu has been playing hide and seek.

"The payment is not only for me, there is a team of producers I work with and they rely on such income for survival. If the payment is not made, their businesses get affected badly, I mean really bad! One producer had to leave the country because he couldn't settle his varsity fees and this the money that could have been used for it."

It is believed that iFani is not the only artist to have been ripped off by this individual. Rapper Sean Pages revealed on twitter that he also suffered the same blow.

In response to the allegations, Mhamvu said he never dodged to pay the artist as it is being reported. "The issue is the fact that royalties are reported every March and September, so no royalties were due in May. It seems there was a misunderstanding about the reporting period and not that we don't want to pay him, we have no such intentions as I have explained to iFani many times and he knows this," says Mhamvu.

Mhamvu said he spoke to the talent this morning to further discuss the issue. "I have also expressed my apologies to him for any inconveniences caused as a result of this misunderstanding."

Here are some tweets:

@iFani_Haymani @ArnoldMhlamvu do u kno how HARD it is to break in this industry? Now that I got my foot in, u wanna come & take ALL my money?? why? WHY?!
If u think Im jst mad at --> @ArnoldMhlamvu for no reason, ask any artist that publishes with Dreamer Music Group!
@seanpages this greedy ---> @ArnoldMhlamvu says he's yo publisher. If its true, BE CAREFUL b'reiy. He took ALL my money & refuses to pay
@L_Tido I believe ---> @ArnoldMhlamvu has disappeared on u! He's still alive & spendin my sync deals money!!

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