#iNumberNumber: Israel's lingo confuses people

It's a mixture of admiration and confusion.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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Local film turned drama series - iNumber Number has received a number of thumbs up since it aired on our small screens a few weeks ago.

Apart from the action packed content, the drama has provided it also has a few of its viewers scratching their heads when it comes to Israel's character.

Israel, who is known for his gangster roles has always been applauded for the way he portrays his characters.

Only in its third week playing and the actor already has mzansi in awe of his acting and of course the lingo he uses.

Viewers of iNumber Number are either boggled by what Israel says or are quite entertained by his rather colorful use of his lingo.

Here are just a few reactions from last night we enjoyed seeing.


Whoever translates the subtitles has a very difficult or rather interesting job.

Lingo 2

We must add, his reference to money is very creative, we can only imagine what he says when he's trying to impress a woman. Pretty papers, Chinese invention?  Someone, please give this man a Bells!

iNumber Number needs to hold vernacular tutorials for some of us who don't understand what Israel is saying in the story, subtitles are not enough.

Has Israel even won a SAFTA yet? He should, actually he deserves several awards.

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