Israel Makoe's good looks landed him in jail

Israel gives an interesting take on pretty privilege.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Israel Matseke Zulu  | Drama

Veteran actor, Israel Makoe, shared an interesting perspective on the correlation between beauty and work ethic. His basic point was: pretty people don’t do menial jobs and it can land them in jail. Uhm, let’s unpack this...

Israel Makoe is definitely one of the most attractive actors we’ve seen on our screens in recent years. However, it’s safe to say that he’s earned his reputation because of more than just his pretty-boy looks - the hardened actor can always be counted on to deliver a chilling performance whenever he lands a role.

However, there was a time when he believed he was above certain types of work because, well, he was just too good looking to do certain things. In fact, Makoe believes that most good looking people would never be caught doing jobs that we average-looking people are not afraid to take on.

He told Daily Sun: “Just because someone is handsome, they won’t agree to work for the municipality and collect rubbish. Another handsome cheese boy won’t agree to dig the road. That’s when they start hijacking, selling drugs, stealing and doing all sorts of crime. But they are eventually caught and sent to jail.”

This criticism wasn’t exclusively for men, either, as the actor also spoke about how a gorgeous woman would never sell fruit and vegetables at a street corner.  

He also told the publication that he's never seen an ugly slay queen. "They are all beautiful. It is because they don’t want to work, but want nice things.”

Well, we’ve heard many things about supposedly good looking people and the privileges they enjoy in life; it’s rare that we ever hear some of the disadvantages of being pretty! Makoe continued by pointing out that, he too was a pretty boy who found himself in this type of trouble.

Makoe believes it was his looks, rather than a badly structured society which offers crime as a tempting alternative to hard work, that led to him being arrested when he was younger.

“I was also one of the handsome boys ekasi and that got into my mind. I found myself on the wrong side of the law and was arrested. I found a lot of handsome boys like me in prison and that made me think thoroughly.”

Israel is now on the straight and narrow but he’s doing his best to share his learnings in order to ensure that others don’t make the same mistakes he did.

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