It's Lit In Parliament!

MP's ask for honourable Sondela

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

Election season just wrapped up meaning that it is time for some musical chairs in Parliament. After their huge growth at the polls, the EFF was able to introduce more MP's to their parliamentary representation. This also includes iconic singer-songwriter, Ringo Madlingozi.
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Ringo has been an advocate for the party for years, encouraging fans to consider supporting them. But it was an unexpected twist to see him on the EFF's parliamentary list released in March. The other MPs may have been a bit too excited to have a legendary entertainer in the building.

Parliament re-opened after elections with MPs being sworn in for their duties. All the parties came in with a festive mood to begin their next term. And what's a jolly mood without a little music?

The jokes were firing the entire time the EFF was being addressed, mostly directed to the singer. Other MPs kept referring to Ringo as "the honourable Sondela", after his hit song. But then, they decided to turn the Parliament into a concert.

If you've ever watched Parliament, you know that our politicians love to tease each other in order to get a reaction they can use against them. Fans and members of the EFF celebrated Ringo for keeping his cool and not letting the constant taunting get to him.

We look forward to seeing what Ringo brings to the EFF and their party.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@RingoMadlingozi