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Itu tells us where to get off

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Itumeleng Khune  | Drama

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Over the weekend, soccer star - Itumeleng Khune became the topic of discussion after he posted a picture of himself with an unknown young lady who is rumoured to be his new bae.

Photos of the two immediately went viral as people expressed their surprise at how quickly Itumeleng has moved on since breaking up with his ex, Sbahle Mpisane.

In February, Sbahle suggested that she and Itumeleng Khune were no longer an item after a fan inquired if the two were still going to get married, Sbahle replied by saying:

"Since coming out of a coma my focus has been 100% on my wellness and recovery. So yeah, I am married to myself," 

Itumeleng had also remained mum about his relationship with Sbahle neither confirming nor denying that they were no longer a couple.

However, the new images of him and his rumoured bae are an assumption that he has moved on.

Those who were fully invested in Sbahle and Itu's relationship have expressed that they're displeased about Itumeleng's sudden new relationship.

One individual mocked Itu by mentioning how childish he is and that Sbahle is better off without him.

Another social media user thinks that Itu's actions of posting every woman he dates on these public platforms is immature and sends a negative message to his followers and those who look up to the soccer star.

The comment went as follows:

"I don't think posting different chicks on social media is mature enough. I get that it's his timeline. So doe that mean in your lifetime, if you date 10 different chicks, you're gonna post all of them? I think that's insensitive to your followers and people who look up to you. Date in private, love in private, be happy in private, that way you can take your losses in private..."

Itumeleng then responded with two tweets that read:

"My life, my decisions."

Which then followed with another tweet that read:

"Can I live my life in peace."

However, peace is not what Itumeleng has been receiving as some people continue to insult him for his relationship decisions.

Ja neh, it's tough being in the public eye.

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