Sister of victim dissapointed at Jub Jub's parole release

Families feel extremely let down by the outcome of Jub Jub's sentencing and release.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

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A sister of a victim who passed away during the Jub Jub incident back in 2010 has expressed her disappointment at the justice system in how they've handled the whole sentencing and release of Jub Jub and Themba Shabalala.

Speaking to ENCA the sister of the victim who goes by the name of Alucia Sekgathume, did not hold back in expressing how the justice system has let her family down.

"I would say that I was extremely disappointed at the decision that was taken today, I'm extremely disappointed in the laws of this country and how they function, due to the fact that most of the families, especially the parents were actually a little bit satisfied with the decision of the 20-year sentence that was granted to them.

But now since it has been reduced, and that was also without any consultation with any members of the families of the deceased at all, it was just heard in the media, through the media that their sentences had been reduced."

Alucia continued to mention that the sentencing was not the only thing she was disappointed about.

"I just also want to highlight the fact that, I'm extremely disappointed about how their family (Jub Jub & Themba's family) have handled the whole matter, there was no sort of remorse that has been shown from the families, there was no apology that was granted, there was nothing that was done from their said." Said Alucia.

Since Jub Jub's release he has since released a song titled Kopa Tshwarelo' (Please forgive me) the song and Jub Jub's plea in asking for forgiveness has had a mixed reaction from the South African public.

Meanwhile, since his release social media platforms have been buzzing with the hashtag #ThingsJubJubDoesntKnow.

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