What Do You Know About Jub Jub's Mother?

The fallen angel of Soweto

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Jub Jub
Molemo Katleho Maarohanye, popularly known as Jub Jub is one of South Africa’s most famous and controversial media personalities who has been in the limelight since he was a child.

The former child star is a rapper and a television presenter best known for his show Uyajola 9/9 on Moja Love TV.

But before Jub Jub became the big national star that he is today, there was another star in the family- his mother.

Here is a look at all the details about Jub Jub’s mother- her journey to fame, her huge fall from her glory days and what she is currently up to.

Who is Jub Jub’s mother?

Jub Jub's mother, Mama Jackie, source: Facebook

Jub Jub’s mother is Jacqueline Maarohanye, also known as Mama Jackie or the Angel of Soweto.

She made headlines in the 1990s and even caught international attention in the 1990s and early 2000s after founding a school to help orphaned children in her community.

She created and sold the narrative that she had saved many children from the streets and through her school Ithuteng Trust School and given them a better life through good education.

This narrative was bought by thousands of people across the world and it touched the hearts of generous people who donated millions of dollars to help “the orphans.”

Some of the people who were touched by Mama Jackie’s story included internationally acclaimed talk show host and media personality- Oprah Winfrey, the first president of South Africa- Nelson Mandela and the US National Basketball Association who donated to her charitable cause.

In addition to the millions she received for her school, Jub Jub’s mother was also featured in a documentary further propelling her fame.

Jub Jub’s mother’s school scandal

In late 2006, the dark side of Jub Jub’s mother and her school were uncovered after M-Net's investigative reporter Carte Blanche carried out a report exposing Mama Jackie’s mismanagement of the school’s funds.

According to the report, a great percentage of children at Mama Jackie’s school were not orphans but they had been coached on what to say in order to win scholarships. The report also revealed that the 100% rate that Mama Jackie had initially claimed was also a scam.

It wasn’t long before even darker secrets about Mama Jackie’s school emerged and Mama Jackie was dragged to court for charges of abduction, assaulting, and exposing a student naked. She was found guilty and fined R8 000 

Like her story of saving the poor children, Mama Jackie’s story of falling from grace was also very heavily publicized and covered by international media including the Los Angeles Times.

Jub Jub’s mother's defamation lawsuit

After staying away from the limelight for years, Jub Jub’s mother made her way back to our news headlines towards the end of 2021 after her son’s ex-girlfriends- Amanda du Pont and Kelly Khumalo accused her of using muthi.

Jub Jub’s mother took to the court to sue both Amanda du Pont and Kelly Khumalo for defamation claiming that their remarks had put her in danger since historically women accused of witchcraft are usually targeted and persecuted in her community. 

Her case was thrown out as the court ruled that there was no urgency in the case.
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