Malema: Jub Jub is Fixing The Country

Jub Jub has CIC's approval

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Julius Malema  | Drama

Jub Jub's work on Uyajola 99 has caught the attention of everybody across South Africa, including the EFF's Julius Malema.

The road to redemption has been rocky for Jub Jub, who was released on parole in 2017 after serving four years of what was originally meant to be a 25-year sentence. Since then, he has worked long and hard to earn a second chance in the eyes of South Africans and although the jury was still out nearly two years later, 2019 felt like the time he finally won the masses over with the emergence of a brand new show on Moja Love.

Uyajola is a South African version of the American format, Cheaters, which sees a host act as an investigator on behalf of a woman who believes her partner is cheating. The Moja Love edition has been a hit since it began airing in May and Jub Jub has received the largest amount of praise for his role in the show success. In fact, even Malum' Julius thinks that Jub Jub work is uplifting the nation.

The leader of the country's third-largest party heaped praise on the presenter when he said,

“All of you who have made mistakes before, accept [it and ] correct yourself. Become better people like Jub-Jub. When he came back from prison, he is now fixing the country. He is dealing with all of the cheaters,”

Julius Malema is not the only person who has praised Jub Jub for "fixing" the country but it might be a matter of time before some people start turning on him when he busts them.

Just last week the presenter sent quivers across the entertainment and politics world when he hinted that he had footage of politicians and celebrities getting up to no good at the Durban July.

We're not commenting on this, but we just hope you are all behaving well.

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